DCI offers Cotell hardware, including analog and digital phones. Cotell boasts 15 years in the hospitality industry selling hotel and resort-focused communication solutions in the US – and worldwide. These highly innovative solutions can help reduce capital expenditures and operational costs while improving revenue through enhanced guest loyalty. Through innovation and technology advancements, Cotell’s products are offered at lower costs and deliver increased reliability and value advantages over the competition. They continue to meet and exceed the needs of the hospitality industry as they evolve when technology changes. Cotell’s innovative designs and cutting-edge products also come complete with DCI’s first-class customer service and highly customized solutions. The Cotell and DCI partnership improves hotel and resort networks by integrating top-of-the-line technology with the innovation of DCI’s creative networking services.

Selected Features and Services

Guest Phone Options

  • Contribute to advertising and branding goals with customizable faceplates that can include the hotel’s logo and specific guest service call functions.
  • Reduce guest wait times by providing guests with instant access to a wide range of hotel services.
  • Simplify the guest experience by providing reliable, easy-to-use communications systems.
  • Choose from among a number of series and models, allowing for true customization

Fuego Series

  • Pairs modern design with top-of-the-line functionality to deliver excellent value and guest satisfaction.
  • Available in IP (SIP) or analog and is compatible with most digital and analog systems.
  • Provides optimum solutions for mid-range modern hotels.
  • Allows hotel managers to choose between corded desk/bed-side and digital cordless phones.
  • Offered in numerous colors and finishes.
  • Increases accessibility and ease of data accessibility with a touchscreen display.

Alpha Series

  • Offers a traditional style telephone with unparalleled durability and a myriad of features.
  • Increases guest comfort with fully adjustable handset and fixed ringer volume.
  • Reduces loss with a UV resistant and durable casing.
  • Compliments your hotel’s marketing ideas with customizable colors and faceplates.
  • Optimizes communication networks at traditional hotels.

Nova Series

  • Provides exceptional value without compromising functionality or durability.
  • Reduces costs, provides an optimal solution for super economy hotels.
  • Promotes comfortable conversations and business applications using analog speakerphones.
  • Ensures compatibility with all governmental regulations.
  • Increases convenience with programmable keys that connect guests with services – as well as hold, redial, and flash keys.
  • Provides a data port for easy connectivity.

Additional Features

  • Choices include analog and IP, one or two lines, and corded or cordless options
  • Variety of colors and finishes
  • Touchscreen display
  • Compatible with existing telephone systems
  • Caller ID
  • Message waiting light
  • Conference calling
  • Speakerphone
  • Programmable guest service keys

Variety, durability, and cutting-edge technology make Cotell phones viable solutions for all hotels, resorts, and hospitality businesses.

Work with DCI and Cotell to design a feature rich and guest focused network that satisfies all of your telecommunication needs. At DCI, we can help you put Cotell’s products to best use by determining what options pair best with your needs and then integrating them into your existing infrastructure. Whether you need analog or digital solutions, Cotell offers numerous options and features to suit your needs. If you’re interested in learning how you can harness the power of Cotell to improve your guest experience, call.

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