DCI’s partnership with Exinda eliminates a specific challenge that may occur during complex network management – when users are constantly changing. Providing a robust network control software package, Exinda makes it easier for hospitality IT professionals to set and maintain appropriate policies as well as monitor the system for consistent, high performance functionality. Exinda’s Network Control Suite is a leader in comprehensive network management, security, and control. By allowing DCI to manage Exinda tools for your business, you improve performance, while gaining the time you need to focus on front line hospitality issues.

For hotels and resorts that utilize a combination of social media, unified communications and collaboration technology, this software suite is an ideal system management solution.  It provides best-in-class network visibility and tools that are specifically designed to help balance the needs of employees through network resource prioritization.  This state-of-the-art toolset is designed for network administrators who seek to embrace a Bring-Your-Own-Device concept, with cutting-edge communication and collaboration tools.  You can step into the next generation of network management with this Network Control Suite. At DCI, we can help you decide how to customize your network control suite to best meet your needs.

Featured Services and Benefits

Easy Installation and an Improved User Experience

  • Cut installation time and improve guest satisfaction with Exinda’s ready-to-use policies that can dynamically allocate and restrict bandwidth to particular applications, websites, and users.
  • Simplify management and enhance time efficiency with Exinda’s intuitive user experience – which makes it simple to manage both wired and wireless networks.
  • Seamlessly integrate Exinda technology with WAN Optimization Suite.

Improved Networking

  • Examine network allocation across six core variables in real time: Directory, usage, Application, Network, Service-Level agreements (SLAs) and traffic, resolving issues quickly without needing to swap between different programs or alternative solutions.
  • Enhance your information access with 40 business-centric network management reports based on the same six variables. This puts an end to endless log files and lists of IP addresses by making all of the necessary information easily available to network administrators.
  • Set policies and define bandwidth allocations to individual websites, cloud applications, and users with policy-based traffic shaping.
  • Increase your response time and solve more problems by using Exinda’s actionable reporting tools to monitor network and resource usage.
  • Provide rich, seven-layer visibility into all network resource usage.

Improved Guest Experience through Cutting-Edge Technology

DCI is proud to offer an incredible utility for network management that is a tremendously powerful solution for hotels and resorts that rely on the Internet to deliver business applications to guests. This unit is designed for those who wish to step into the next generation of network resource management, communications, and system prioritization.  Exinda technology provides a viable option that can be used to monitor and control your system, as well as increase network performance so that your guests experience consistent, reliable network access, and end their stay remembering the quality of service you provided. To learn more about how Exinda can improve your guest service levels, Internet accessibility, and network performance, please call phone number provided.