Robust Internet. Flexible Options. Increased Applicability.

DCI only uses the best in wireless technology and tools to serve your hotel or resort’s needs. We maximize the effectiveness of your wireless network, while ensuring you don’t break the bank, by using Nomadix, Inc.’s Wireless Connect Gateway. By combining the functionality of an all-in-one Wi-Fi hot spot for users on mobile devices, and a feature-rich Internet access gateway for those who prefer to use the Internet in rooms or common areas, Nomadix reduces costs and simplifies infrastructure.

Featured Services and Benefits

Plug & Play Connectivity

  • Improve guest satisfaction by eliminating the lengthy setup process before guests can use their Internet-capable devices. Patrons don’t have to deal with the frustration of a complex setup but can get right to work.
  • Increase security and branding with a customized login page that users can access whether they’re on their laptops, mobile devices or your business lounge’s computers.
  • Improve access by eliminating the need for users to change their existing network configuration or IP addresses.

High –Volume & Long-Ranging Support

  • Provide reliable network access for up to 48 wireless and 200 wired simultaneous users, facilitating even the largest business meetings, conferences, and symposiums.
  • Easily tie Nomadix’s technology into your larger network for a wider range of support throughout the hotel.
  • Support a wireless range of up to 400 feet and a data rate of 300 Mbps auto fall back with 802.11 b/g/n.
  • Take advantage of 2.4GHz frequency.


  • Keep your guest’s data secure with a comprehensive and versatile set of security precautions including SSl user login, Layer 2 isolation security, IP/MAC/URL address pass through, PPTP VPN client, and IP/URL filtering.
  • Safeguard the physical unit and keep your hotel aesthetically pleasing by conveniently mounting it on the wall. Less than a foot high, six inches deep, and two inches wide, it’s easy to keep the Nomadix physical unit out of sight.

Simplified Management

  • LCombine numerous management tools to simplify Nomadix technology oversight. Tools include a configuration page, web-based management tools, step-by-step wizard configuration, remote authorization management, and LAN device management.
  • Integrate Nomadix technology into your advertising strategy with a standard login page, customizable log-on and log-off pages, advertisement URL, and WISPr smart client.


Scalable solutions that offer Internet connectivity to every guest.

Nomadix technology offers an ideal solution for hotels and resorts of all sizes that want to provide cutting-edge and easily accessible Internet to guests. Nomadix provides a variety of security options, easy connectivity and management, and even customizable branding options within the access portal that will help keep your hotel’s name and logo at the forefront of your guest’s internet experience. In short, Nomadix provides the perfect combination of wired and wireless technology, which facilitates easy network access for your guests, simple management of network utilities for IT professionals, and security measures that will provide peace of mind for both. To learn more about how Nomadix and DCI can revolutionize your guests’ Internet and technology experience call phone number.

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